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Oct 1, 2008

Pixel Passion  

I went to Pixel Passion because a friend tp'ed me for a lucky chair... There I found out about the group gifts, so I joined the group to get the lovely gown and on notices I saw there was a dollarbie "secret" sale in the store ;) I am amazed with the textures of the itens I got.
These dresses are one of the dollarbie you can find. I don't know how long it's going to last, so if you like them you better hurry! The textures on the shades (bronze and silver) are absolutely fabulous. Shoes are previous gift from AOHARU. Bangles (silver and gold) from AltaModa, 0L. Necklace on left pic from Cailyn's Hunt.
Swimsuit fatpack (there are other colors in the pack), 1L and also very cool.
The wine gown is the group gift and the yellow silk is the lucky chair prize that I was tp'ed for.. :) The chairs (there are 2) have other great gifts on them.
Another dress for 1L. It's called Gabby! lol :P Also comes with leggings.

Skins on this post from [Rockberry] (it's one of the lucky board itens), except the one on the gown picture, that is from Imagen Hunt.

What next?

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