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Oct 20, 2008

And more...  

Scarf and hat from Gritty Kitty, 1L. Shirt and shoes from /Axel/ hunt (find 4 bats for 0L each). Halloween leg warmers from Riddle. Bootiylicious shorts from A.Y.Y, not free.

Dress and shoes (again) from Axel hunt. Spider web earrings from Foxchase Designs, 0L. Hair from mela's, 1L.

Wrap sweater from CKSD, gift for their subscribe-o-matic group. Skirt from Riddle, not free. sUmi skin, from Tuli, not free. Hair from Exile, gift for Runaway Kids, not available anymore.

Lace skirt, sequin shirt and boots from Baby Monkeys group (100L fee). The gift is called Winter 2008 Capsule Wardrobe, and comes with the things on pic above, the red shirt and ballet flats on picture below plus some other itens.

Denim pants from Riddle, not free but it's a sale item, only 30L.

What next?

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