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Oct 14, 2008

2 hunts  

The pumpkin hunt at Tully sim has some cool outfits and other stuff for you to find. There are 18 pumpkins around the sim and they're very easy to spot. Thanks to Tae for telling me about it!
The other pumpkin hunt is at Lovely Hearts store, you have to find the 13 pumpkins to complete the outfit. And it's very cute! And this time my thank you goes to minamina, the owner, for helping me find the last 2 pumpkins lol

Red riding hood outfit from Dilly Dolls, at Tully hunt. I love this costume btw!

Cheshire cat costume, there is also a version for the guys, which is pretty cool as well. (Tully)

Another gift from Tully.

This is the halloween outfit from Lovely Hearts. All you see is included, skin, hair w/ or w/out hair, boots, etc.

The skin is very nice :)



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