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Oct 21, 2008

Engaging Company  

Caeo kept me company today by posting with me. So he's not so lazy after all! LOL

I am using many fun poses of late, all thanks to Ani from Sugar Mill animation and poses store for giving me the heads up. She has a little message for us:

Hi darlin :) I'm marking one set or pose in my stores down to 1L every single day for the rest of October. So there will be a new one for people to find until the 31st :)

I have participated every day but due to work issues I couldnt reach out to my laptop *cries*

drink me

Here is today's $1L pose for the day! It's called Drink Me, bottle included!

Lingerie: from Chic Boutique's freebie area.

engaging company

This pose is originally a set of 4, called Engaing Company, from the Bridals Silly series. I got it for $1L when it was the set of the day. There are many great finds at Sugar Mill; tons of fun fun poses and check the freebie wall as well....and a lucky chair...and a fortune teller! Man, Ani has put everything out, how lucky are we?!

Oh, yeah, if you join her subscribe-o-matic group, Ani has just sent out a new group gift...Ani says:

Hi Sugar Mill People! I snuck over from across the way and took control. So with my new found power I send you a gift... Evil of me huh?

Don't forget to get yours!

Lingerie on left: Moulin Rouge from Chic Boutique, $0L
Lingerie on right: Insolence - Salome Cream, $0L

Caeo wears the Line Group gifts throughout, this is the tank top and pants, plus the new blood chucks. There are female gifts too! Avalaible at the new store location, they are limited, so make sure you get yours if you like what you see!

Get your new LINE store location here!

What next?

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