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Oct 14, 2008

Have You Had Enough of Halloween Yet?  

If not then come get my outfit and specs from Spexx too!

stop sulking

On Suri
Top: Spork - Halloween Tanx, $1L. You actually got 2 tanks here, one is a black layer and the other is the orange/black striped tank. It's all about the orange, people!!

Capri: Spork - London Jeans, not free

****Special thanks to Barbara Nicholls for informing about the halloween tanx!****

Necklace: Perla in black/pink from LeeZu Baxter Group, $0L

Shades: SpeXx - Pumpkins shade, $0L. There are a ton of new shades avaliable plus 2 dollarbie ones at the entrance of the store!

On Caeo:
Slick - For men with confidence! - Grey Pants With White Tank Set, $0L

What next?

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