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Oct 26, 2008


Some gifts not from hunts lol.. for those of you that are a little bit tired of hunting. Well, I know I am.. at least for today lol

Halloween coat from Exia, 0L. Boots from Lazy places, Ghost Busters hunt.. Alright, I said 'no hunts' but I had to show u this one lol

Skin from Soft Touch. It was Morgana's rezz day and she gave out many awesome skins on her subscribo. Bad, bad Gabi forgot to post it before... But they're still there. Subscribe (if you haven't yet) and get them on history. Thanks Morgana!!

Ivalde's Kia Spider dress, 1L. Other skin from Soft Touch subscribo. Amazing Carrie, I'm wearing the electric make up.

What next?

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