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Oct 22, 2008

EC&M Apparel  

I received the notice about EC&M Apparel at Fashcon group and I loved the pics of the freebies so I decided to check the store. There are many free and dollarbies, I had a hard time deciding what to post, so I made many pics.. lol

Simply Sexy Dress, 1L. The froufrou cape is Gisele's, from Albero Hunt.

Autumn Web dress, 0L. Orange boots from Lil foxes, already posted below.

Contessa Indigo, 1L and Earth Day gown.

Web of Life ~ Breast Cancer Awareness ~ dress, camp prize, 10 min. It's awesome!

Walk among the stones, 0L. Comes with cool boots. And there is a kid version on second floor. Actually, there are kids version for almost all of the dollarbies, and also some cute bears for 1L on the 2nd floor. The shape and skin I'm wearing for the child avi is from utsuku city camping chair.

Lipsmackers outfit in bubblegum, 1L. The other outfit is free (you have to find 2 'trick or treat' bags to get this and Autumn Web dress) and it's called Just swatch me. It's so cool, Kurston made it with swatches of the many dresses she has created so far.

Boots and purse are gifts from the update group. Subscribe for the group at the main store and find them in history.

Thanks, Kurston Brody, for being so kind and generous on your gifts. :)

What next?

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