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Oct 7, 2008

Best of Italian Style  

I've been to the Best of Italian Style Shopping Mall, and I recommend a visit to take a look, shop and get some freebies of course! hehe

Jackets from Dressy By Jessy, 0L for a pack with 10 colors! The skin is a gift from *QS* at Model Magazine kiosk, what you can find in front of BiancaF. store.

I love the way this dress moves, 1L from Anubis Style.

Skin, tank and top with gloves from Beauty Avatar, 1L.

Tattoos also from Dressy by Jessy, 0L.

Precious Blue Dress from Anubis Style again, 0L. The necklace is free at Cindy Looby. I'm sorry! I forgot to hide the pose stand! But I was too lazy to go back and take the pic again... O.o

Pants and top from Musashi. On the right, bodice from B! Fashion. All free.

Hope you enjoy.

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