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Oct 21, 2008


Ume Mode

This lovely flower print dress is new group gift from Ume Mode, as usual, you have to wear your group tag to get the gift! Umeko, owner of Ume Mode has put out an announcement:

*::UmeMode::*group is an invited members only from Oct 16 2008.when you buy some items at my shop, you can get an invitation .It means , this group is limited group. If you leave this group but you want to join this group again, you need to get group invitation.

So if you like her gifts, keep this group!!

Wait for bus

Bumped into Caeo while he waits for the bus, I have never seen him so patiently waiting before!

On Caeo:

Hoodie from Headless T-Shirts, $1L (Halloween special). You will find this gift at the entrance; there are some cute tees for $30L each, bargain!


My fantastic gown, October Rust, is a picks reward from LVS&Co.
Rules are simple...add the store to your profile pics, go back within 24-48 hours to get your gift! Remeber, it is for the whole of October. Girls, you have 8 more days to go get it! My whole clothes folder are full of black and orange stuff - I think I may need an early spring clean!

What next?

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