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Oct 19, 2008

Weekend of hunts and gifts #1  

Find the numbered boxes at Albero and Cioccolata sims with the key words, then go to the main stores (the lm's are in front of the stores at those sims) to get your prizes.

Albero Hunt: Dress from Anuenue, necklace, watch and Love Soul pumps.
Hair from Hairapy, at Retrology hunt. Skin is from Tuli, 34L as a gift for her bday. Each of her stores has an item at that price. Only for today. Happy Birthday, Tuli!!

Shirt, necklace and brooch from Fishy Strawberry, at Albero Hunt. Boots also from the hunt.

Halloween sweater from Strayer group. Blue skirt is a gift from Gracie at Vain Inc. group. Halloween Skin from [KA] Designs, 0L. Hair from mikan, 0L.

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