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Oct 23, 2008

Lucky girl!  

Dress from Jill, 0L at the lucky board. Shoes from Lya, at Retrology Hunt.
UPDATED: Sorry, girls, the lucky board at Jill is no longer available :( But the dress is still there, and it's only 120L. The pack comes with 3 sweaters, 3 flowers and 1 dress. So worthy!

Bag from Tuli's lucky chair. Sweater from Ki2, 1L. It's the mistery dollarbie hihi
Skins from [Rockberry] update group. Yay, they are awesome as usual! Thanks, Heather!

Ok, now for a little drama! LOL Some (many!!) words about the comments someone left on our chat thingie. I am saying for myself, but I bet the other girls also think/do the same. I always, and I really mean always, thank the designers when they are at the store when I go there. If I don't, it's probably because I don't know who they are or maybe cause I'm in much lag and can't see anything around. When I bump into someone, whether they're famous designers or not, even if they're "just" noobies, I always say "I'm sorry" because I didn't do that on purpose. I love when you, girls or guys, leave us comments, send us IM's or notecards asking anything or just saying hi. I do think people have the right to criticize too, and they should! what I think is great because it give us the opportunity to grow. But do it the right way, when you tell someone they should be "polite" you have the obbligation to be nice and to identify yourself otherwise your 'advice' is going to be useless.
I know the designers are not obbligated to give out freebies, of course they aren't. I never thought they were. I know some of them don't like their freebies to be blogged and I respect that when I know who they are. However many of them like it, and they usually say "thank you" to us too. I'm a blogger at Free Second what doesn't mean at all I'm not a costumer. And when they give out freebies, they're being generous, but it is also a way of making us want to buy something else when we like them.
I've experienced some really awful situations with people being rude to us just because. And that I cannot understand since we do it because we like to share the good stuff we find.
That's what I have to say, I'm sorry for the drama thing, I hate it, I know everyone (like me) come from rl work or school or whatever, tired and wanting some distraction, and that's what almost all of us want from SL. Have fun always, you all. Thanks for reading us! (Mama told me to be polite! lol) Love you all! Yay!

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