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Oct 10, 2008

Boys Who Likes Girls  

Archan Allen, the owner of BOUNCE has kindly informed me about some of the freebies available in store! Many things available, see below!

Caeo and suri

This poster I like very much. Caeo and I act cool all the way through for this, lol

Caeo: Drunk Voodoo Doll T-Shirt and Used Jeans
Suri: Resilla Cache Coeur In Red

bois and girls caeo

Caeo: Tragedy Rabbit T-Shirt and Used Jeans
Suri: Rock kitty - Pink & White tees & Vinyl Pants

bois and girls caeo

Caeo: [MALE] Sweet Jumping Cat Top
Suri: [FEMALE] Sweet Jumping Cat Top. My tartan skirt is also free from Bounce.

Other freebies at Bounce are:




Here is something random for you all...I got wind that Nicky Ree are having a sale!!!


What are the chances?! Start saving up now!!

What next?

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