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Oct 28, 2008

My Honey Soul  

I have been real busy with the hunts lately!
If you girls have caught me flying across the grid with a moody look on my face, I was only trying to get my hands on the goodies scattered around!

Now that's done, I had a relaxing day on the field with Caeo:

On The Sunflower Field

Honey*Soul have a new store location! As well as gift dresses, a halloween dress, the rest of the clothing there is on a massive 50% sale!

Caeo wears this sweater, which is avaliable also in red, scarf included, for only $25L. Even at original price of $50L is still a bargain. But what's the deal with the hat? Oh, yeah, he said he wanted to match my 69 hair..LOL

I am wearing the white Dolly Dress, a red version is also avaliable! Bought for a very modest price of $1L, I matched it up with Kookie's Kat platforms ($50L)

honey soul

Gift corner.

Please take me home!!

Woot woot! Halloween spirits!
This is Honey*Soul's offering this halloween.....I don't know how I ended up in that spooky back alley...but please take me home!!

What next?

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