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Jan 31, 2009

Project Kiwi  

project kiwi
New dollarbies from Project Kiwi, only until Sunday: striped shirt (pack with 4 colors); denim vest; striped shirt again and black jeans pants. The other clothes are also from Project Kiwi, not free but very affordable. 25 or 50L. It's an awesome store!

Jan 30, 2009

I got Blue Blood  

blue blood freebie - cute shirt hand drawn
Cute shirt from Blue Blood, new freebie in store. It's so cute and guess what? It's hand drawn!! Ty, Ghanima!! And I think you should always draw and make clothes when you are bored! lol

mia bell
Nice red dress with boa, gloves and boots! Gift from E&R Designs to Fashcon group members.

larosse pic frame
Lecosse Designs picture frame. This is a dollarbie for a limited time, it's a gift for the grand opening, and there is a big party tomorrow (Sat 31st) at 3pm slt, with DJ, lucky chair and lots of fun. The gift will be available till Feb 15th.
Thanks, LassDream!

Updating> Hair: 1- Vixen (lucky chair); 2- Glitter (not free); 3- Armidi (not free). :P
Updating 2> Forgot to mention that picture frame is wedding themed (well, I think it works for single me hehe) and there are many styles available in the store!

LadyBird and Sweeter than Candy  

1L sale at the cute store called LadyBird, everything is 1L, including some of the poses I used on the post, furniture and etc. The sale ends on Feb 3rd (not sure though).

ladybird 2
Complete parka outfit in black and white from LadyBird, 1L each. Hair from Armidi (not free). Both boots from J's (not free).

ladybird 4
More outfits from LadyBird, 1L each (pants, checked shirt, blue cute dress, summer dress).

ladybird 3
Knit set, knit parka and green tunic set from LadyBird, 1L each; yellow leggins from Paper Couture (I got them a while ago, so not sure if it's 1 or 0L hehe).

ladybird 1
Polo shirts and short pants from LadyBird.

stc gc and lc
Black dress #1 from Sweeter Than Candy lucky chair; the other black dress and the corset with shrug I bought with the 250L giftcard Candace sent to subscribe group members. Yay!! Ty Candace! The gorgeous boots are from Vixen, 0L at Vinyl Cafe.

stc vday
I love you Valentine outfit (with shoes!!) from Sweeter Than Candy too, 0L. It's Valentine's day gift, as well as the pink lingerie I'm wearing.


Bust it Baby coolest tees from A-BOMB. They're 10L and the 'stealing yer blogz' is 1L untill Sunday. Then they'll come back to regular price of 50L.

a-bomb bust it baby 3

a-bomb bust it baby 1

a-bomb bust it baby 2

a-bomb ballet shoes
A-BOMB does ballet boots now! Go grab yours now, the black version I'm showing is only 100L for a few days till they go back to regular price.

Thanks, Addison! :)


All clothes from Wave (except socks and shoes), 1L or 0L. There are also some stuff for the guys.

wave 2

wave 3

wave 1

Jan 29, 2009  

No, not you... That's the name of the store I got many dollarbies: The owner, Poptart, is fun and sweet. Thanks again for the gifts!

i hate you 2
Al Bundy No Ma'am tee! Cool! 1L.

i hate you 3
I <3 mom and schoolgirl outfit (panties not included), 1L each.

i hate you 1
Pack with 6 black tanks (forgot to shoot 1 ;/), 1L. There is also a pack with white tanks; and pack with 5 black jeans w/ belts.

i hate you 5
Funny bunny hoodie, 1L. The chocolate bunnies say "My butt hurts...".. "What?" lol cute!

i hate you 6
Imposter hoodie, 1L. Very cute as well, isnt it?

i hate you 4
Bigtie tee and cat nip hoodie, 1L. The hoodies (this one and the 2 above) come also with a t version.

i hate you 7
Belly sweater and patch slacks, not free but very affordable.

TP to now!

Jan 28, 2009

DX, 69 and Ztique  

dx lc
Dresses from DiamonX Studios lucky chair.

ztique and 69
Hair from Sixty-Nine, group gift in notices; shoes from ~Ztique~, subscribo gift.

Dilly Dolls  

There is a 20L sale at Dilly Dolls new store, I bought many things, they're sooo worthy!! All outfits come in many colors with color change and resize scripts on all prims. The shoes are also color and texture change!

dilly dolls 1

dilly dolls 2

dilly dolls qoh
This is a dark version of the Queen of Hearts, 20L. You can also find cheshire cat costumes (male or female) and the red riding hood I blogged here a while ago, among others for 20L.

dilly dolls skins
The skins are cute. These are my favorites!

dilly dolls 3
The gogo flamer boots I got on the lucky chair! Yay! The sketched boots 20L.

dilly dolls 4
You change colors and textures of bows, laces, heels and shoes. So cool!

If you love their designs like I do, join the group and get the many group gifts, at the basement.

Jan 27, 2009

More gifts...  

kunglers 27-01
Brand new group gift from Kunglers, sheen denim pants, bangles and 2 tops. One is sheer so it also looks nice wearing both together ;) Thanks Mel for remembering me to check notices! lol Necklace from Twisted and Spoiled lucky chair; shoes from HOC Industries, 10L.

ivalde camping chair
Bianca red bustlegown from Ivalde, 60 minutes camping prize.

cmtk freebies
Dresses and scarf from CMTK Shop, 1L each. Boots from Kookie, group gift in notices.

Long day...  

It's been a long day for me, organizing my inventory, collecting freebies all over, chatting... well, something good must come when you're sick at home. lol

ibizarre freebies
Great freebies from Ibizarre: pink leather pants, embroided top and black cardigan. Both shoes from HOC Industries, 10L each (and they are color changeable!!). I have bought those shoes so long ago and have completely forgotten about them. Shame on me, the store has many nice cheap shoes for girls and guys!

alchemy gg creations by ana chikka designs hoc
Invierno outfit from Alchemy, january gift (subscribe).
Hearts vest from Chikka Designs, lucky board; hearts top (lucky chair prize) and bracelet (dollarbie) from Creations by Ana.

gs valentine opening gifts
Pants and tops from Girls Style, valentine opening gift. Boots from HOC Industries, 30L (also color change). Pink muffler from **em**, 1L. There is a lucky board there now, with an awesome parka I wasn't lucky enough to get. Yet.. hehe

sunnyday sunday 2
I this sooooo cute parka on a friend who told me it's a freebie already blogged all over. I don't know how I missed it! Bunny parkas (tan and gray) from Sunnyday Sunday, 0L.

sunnyday sunday 3
Also at Sunnyday Sunday you find this checked brown coat, and the jump denim outfit with socks, all 0L. Brown shoes also from there.

sunnyday sunday
Free shoes from Sunnyday Sunday, a pack with 4 styles (one of them shown above).

New gifts  

yesterday's closet gg 26-01
New group gift from Yesterday's Closet (subscribe). As usual, comes with many skirt options. Necklace, earrings and bangles from Ruffian by Farah Palmer, 1L.

sysys steamstress and rebel xtravaganza
Red dress from Sysy's, subscribo gift. Green striped tank from Steamstress, also subscribe group gift; blue denim pants from TorridWear, 1L; cute Onigiri necklace from Rebel Xtravaganza, 1L.

curious kitties luskwood and td boots
Free outfits to celebrate the Chinese New Year, the male outfit you can get at Luskwood and the female one at Curious Kitties. The awesome boots are from TD Boots, 0L. I saw them on Ashia's post at Free*Style I couldn't resist to blog them too. :)

black swan db
Follow the path down to the Black Swan to get this beautiful blue gown for only 1L, limited time. Thanks Tox1c!

Jan 26, 2009


Just some nice things I just got...

stc massimo fuzzy
Tan hoodie, mind corset and shrug from Sweeter Than Candy, subscribo gift, as always giving us awesome gifts. Green hoodie jacket (right side) from Massimo lucky chair; white inner sweater from Milk Hall- Fair's Attic, 0L. The brown hair is a dollarbie from Fuzzy, a cute new store.

Some good news  

anuenue lc and so kinky
Dresses from Anuenue, the one on the left you can find at So Kinky Club, (0L) the event started early today, so I don't know how long it's gonna be available. The style on the right is from Anuenue lucky chair.

so kinky - candy nail and devol
Shirt from Devol and nails from Candy Nail, at So Kinky Special Club, all 0L.

blue blood - surrealia
Surrealia dress from Blue Blood. Not free, but it's a limited edition item that will only be available for a week, and if you love Ghanima designs and Alice in Wonderland you can't miss this cool dark version! 300L for many pieces, including the 'no blood' version shown below, shoes and the bunny.
blue blood - surrealia 2
Oh, group members have a discount and can get it for 230L. Thanks Ghanima!

crimson shadow lc
Lokum has sent me the new lucky chair item at Crimson Shadow, this awesome Mythical dress (with shoes!) Let's stalk it! :)
Tyvm Lokum!