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Oct 8, 2008


Some great freebies for the day!

Caeo & Suri 1

Caeo watches as I pose against the wall!

Caeo & Suri 2

On Suri
Freesoul - Summer Girl (includes a pair of cute white pumps and also a hat as well - not shown), $0L

This is a gift obtained after putting Freesoul in my picks! Just go there after 48hrs for your gift, they change every week!

My hair with a lovely tartan baret is one of the upcoming hair from Fuel! There is a lovely heart brooch on the baret! Thank you to Sandy who showed me this lovely hair.

Caeo posing

Man! Caeo posing on a chair, in this pose?! Haha, made me laugh out loud as he plays sexy kitten.

On Caeo
KMADD City - Freebie Jacket Giveaway from Redgrave, $0L
VG Republic - Denim Dollarbie for men, $1L

Photo taken @ Freesoul modelling studio.

What next?

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