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Oct 30, 2008

House of Hearts Hunt (and more stuff)  

hoh hunt 4
Purple leggings and orange half jacket from the new A.Y.Y. hunt. Black jacket, pants, Tuli skin and both hairs from HoH hunt. Pose ball on the right pic from Bingo, 1L.

hoh hunt 2
Lingerie set and hair with hat from HoH Hunt. This skin is a gift from Prima Donna at Vain Inc. group.

hoh hunt 3
Top and hair from HoH.

hoh hunt
Prima Donna skin again. Dress and hair from HoH. Nails from On the Catwalk, 1L a fat pack.

bingo pose ball
Pose ball from Bingo, 1L. Pants and sweater from AYY hunt.
On Nanashara: pants from Kunglers and skin from Domestic-V, both group gifts.

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