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Oct 26, 2008

Happy Sunday  

Dress from EC&M lucky chair. Skin and eyes from CBW at Flawless Opening Sim Hunt. Shoes from DK at LA Street Scene hunt.

Bolero from Kira's & Jessi's, 20 min camping chair. There are others camping chairs there, for 45 minutes camping. It's very good if you need to organize your inventory! lol Black denim pants from AYY hunt. Skin from MMS at Ghost Busters Hunt. Flat shoes and bag from Baby Monkeys group. It's a previous gift, but Pixie just sent out a big pack with all last 15 gifts given. It's a great opportunity for the ones new in the group!

Dress, stockings and Hat from Fluky, wild woman hair from miaSnow, shoes from Rebel Hope, skin from MMS, all from Ghost Busters hunt. It's a great hunt! Thanks to Toko, Vain Inc. and all the designers!!

Ibizarre pants, Meh jacket (it's awesome!) from Ghost Busters hunt. Skin from a.C, 1L if you join the group.

What next?

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