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Oct 28, 2008

On the Catwalk  

A new designer of skins, Isabella Latte, dropped me a notecard telling about her work and of course about the free skin on her shop "On the catwalk Photography Studio & Designer Skins". There are also some makeups on the lucky chair. I went there and I'll tell you, the skins are awesome! Check it out:
g&n new gift
Dress, purse and hat are the new gift of the week at G&N. Skin from On the walk.

on the catwalk
This is the free skin from the box instore, isn't it amazing?

42 skins and sip 2
Dress, hat and pumps from Sexy in Pink pumpkin hunt. Skin from 42 Skins, the new halloween gift.

42 skins and sip
On the left, masked skin from SIP hunt. On the right the 42 Skin again.

What next?

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