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Oct 8, 2008

[Rockberry] Costumes  

Heather, owner of [Rockberry], just put out 2 cool costumes for free!! Check them out!

Moi and Melinda Jensen, both wearing the Vamp costume. It comes in 2 versions, one with full skirt and the other with tail skirt and pants. Both are great and the textures are awesome! The hair is also part of the outfit. The skin I'm wearing is the halloween gift from *Beauty Avatar* and hair from ETD, 1L.

Us again, now wearing the Sad Jester costume. This one comes with all you see, including skin and shape (I'm wearing my own shape, but Mel is wearing jester's shape.. i'm the one on the left side lol). Isn't it a fun outfit?

Thank you so much, Mel, for posing with me for the pics! You're always fun to hang out with!

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