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Oct 31, 2008

Last Day!  

Some nice dresses for you today, including one from the Retrology hunt, which i have ONLY just got round to do. A girl can only run so far in high heels; perhaps I should take a professional course in it :P


First dress, is from UNPICK! There are new dresses in the lucky chairs. You can get it camping for 50mins! I am wearing the white version, black is also avaliable. Also, if you add UNPICK into your profile, you get a free dress! I am waiting for mine to arrive sooo I will blog it in a later post! If you can't wait, go there and add UNPICK to your profile!

Dressing up

Retrology hunt - Thimbles: Charo Dress, $0L

The Retrology hunt ends tommorrow (1st November), so hurry and find all the pumpkins!

Pixel Dolls subscribo: Draped Knit And Sequined Dress, $0L

Shoes: Maitreya - Chichi Pumps (not free)
Necklace: iGems Necklace from the Ghostbusters hunt (#48)

Big Fish, Little Fish  

Last day of the month...AND it's Halloween!
Kick ass!

Fionay Dill of Little Fish has sent me this fabulous dress. If you have not heard of Little Fish already, what are you missing? It's a cute little shop with sexy chinese dresses and some casual ones too.

I have blogged about the dollarbie Leopard pumps in my post: GROUP LOVE with this picture, wearing SYSY's pre-release dress, 'Sasha' (not sure if it is still $1L):


COCO full dress by Fionay Dill

Here's the Halloween dress from Little Fish, avaliable from now until 1st November!

biatch hair!

Quick change of hair, you can get this festive style for $1L at SkullFuct!

Looking Stylish  

Lucky with Aoharu's lucky chair!
I got the men's green jacket, but what the hell, it is soooo comfy!

Vent has sported it in my previous post: Thimbles and Crush Row!
See how good it looks on both boys & girls!

Suri & Vent at Crush Row

Suri in Aoharu and Dog II

YES, I can pose anywhere, I LOVE the camera! :))

Kunglers Design spoils us again with this way cool crocodile pants...they are puurfect with my new kick ass League Boots (not free!!). This croc pants is a gift for the group only. Girls, you know what to do!

Thanks Barbra for sending them to me, I have worn it for 2 days straight now...

Suri in Aoharu and Dog I

I took this picture outside of the UNPICK store..the guard dog was outside the store, where I posed for the camera...I have no idea he thought I was stupid (check out the chat bubble...LOL)

Get to Aoharu to try your luck!
Hair from C&H camping chair (30 minutes).

Sweet Dollarbie  

Na Sweet Dollarbie você encontra esta calça de couro em diversas cores e mais toda a loja por 1L!!! Para chegar a loja, clique na placa que está em frente a Sweeter Than Candy e de TP...

The Obscene  

Venha para The Obscene e pegue free estas 3 lindas skins... Estão em caixas no chão, na entrada da loja!
- Ganesha Quartz
- Ganesha Diamond
- Ganesha Amber

Sweet Alice  

Na Sweet Alice você encontra esta skin Geisha por apenas 1L. Passe o mouse na parede para encontrá-la!!!

Happy Halloween @ Grid Wide Pumpkin Hunt  

cilliangel at gwph
The witches for Eastwick Alexandra, from Cilian'gel, at Grid Wide Pumpkin hunt.

twisted and spoiled at gwph
Outfit and hair from Twisted and Spoiled, at Grid Wide Pumpkin hunt. Boots from DK, group gift, previously blogged.

Happy Halloween!!  

Happy Halloween everyone! We don't celebrate halloween here in Brasil but I hope you all that do so have lots of fun.

ingenue 1
Halloween gift from Ingenue, polka love in orange, 0L. Halloween pumps from Love Soul (gift at Albero Hunt I think... lol) Necklace from Igems at Ghost Busters hunt. Pose from Grid Wide Pumpkin Hunt, at Snooky Poses.

ingenue 2
Miss Conduct blue dress and cherrie pin, OL at Ingenue. Shoes from Lya, 0L.

Oct 30, 2008

Acessorize (with Ruffian)  

All acessories and shoes worn on this post are from Ruffian, 1L each set or pair of shoes. The generous designer, Farah Palmer, sells all amazing acessories and shoes for 1L!

ruffian 1
Left pic: Dress from Kunglers, 0L. Right pic: Old amazing freebie dress from Mojo.
Both pics: Skin from Prima Donna, Vain Inc. group gift.

ruffian 2
Skin from Rockberry, group gift.

rufian 3
Jacket from Thimbles, 5L. Skin from On the Catwalk, 0L.

ruffian 4
Top from Jezzebell Rock at HoH hunt, halloween skin from Tuli group gift.

ruffian 5
Top from Thimbles, 5L. Hair from Philotic Energy, 1L a fat pack (it's for men, but I love it!!)

ruffian and pixeldolls
New subscribo gift from PixelDolls.

ruffian 6
Don't forget your bracelets for Breast Cancer Awareness!

TP to Ruffian now!! :)

Thimbles and Crush Row!  

Better late than never, here are some things I found at both Crush Row AND Thimbles!
Thimbles have a 5L sale on everything black, I picked up a ton of things with Vent ( and Abra ( we went CRAZY!

200 calories a day

Suri & Vent at Crush Row

On Suri
Pics 1 & 2:
*Thimbles* 2000 Calories a Day (yellow dress), $5L
*Thimbles* The Angel of Your Plaid Nightmares Coat in Black, not free


*Thimbles* Haltura jacket/black, $5L
*Thimbles* OMGWFT is this sweater? black, $5L
League - Metallic leggings, free from subscribe-o-matic. As seen on Gabi!
Kookie - Muggy Boots, not free

sexy halter

my muggy boots

*Thimbles* Dollinger Black Tee Tank, $5L

Black is Back

*Thimbles* DDL Cropped Sweater Licorice, $5L
*Thimbles* A Town without Pants, $5L

*Thimbles* Agent Debbie - Black, $5L

Both hair are from C&H camping chair (30 minutes).

Thimbles and Crush Row

*Thimbles* 1/3rd a Tee Shirt - Black, $5L
BOOM - Halloween Skully Mini Dress, $0L

Fishy Strawberry - Buttoned Dress in Pumpkin, $0L
#48 Ghostbusters hunt: Jenika Necklace from iGems

hair are from C&H camping chair (30 minutes).

House of Hearts Hunt (and more stuff)  

hoh hunt 4
Purple leggings and orange half jacket from the new A.Y.Y. hunt. Black jacket, pants, Tuli skin and both hairs from HoH hunt. Pose ball on the right pic from Bingo, 1L.

hoh hunt 2
Lingerie set and hair with hat from HoH Hunt. This skin is a gift from Prima Donna at Vain Inc. group.

hoh hunt 3
Top and hair from HoH.

hoh hunt
Prima Donna skin again. Dress and hair from HoH. Nails from On the Catwalk, 1L a fat pack.

bingo pose ball
Pose ball from Bingo, 1L. Pants and sweater from AYY hunt.
On Nanashara: pants from Kunglers and skin from Domestic-V, both group gifts.

Oct 29, 2008


AOHARU gifts
Aoharu has a new freebie out, it's a green version of the Sailor Collar Jacket, 0L. The black one is from Crush Row halloween gifts, also 0L. Skin from The Obscene, a gift for the new store opening. Both shoes from Lya, 0L for each fat pack (second floor). Thanks Farah for telling me :))

whimsy gifts crush row
Complete outfit from Whimsy, 1L at Crush Row. The purse is also from Whimsy, 1L at Horizon sim. The skin is Obscene again, this time the gift at The Shops of Crush Row.

lemania & lya
Dress is a new gift from Lemania Indigo group.

Oct 28, 2008

Gifts and more!  

Candy hair & nomine & league
Razored tank from Nomine and gold leggings from League, both are gifts from their subscribe-o-matics. Hair from C&H camping chair (30 minutes).

sugar mill & league
Black denim shorts and leggings from Sn@tch, 50% sale on Pulse sim!!! Tank from League, halloween gift at Crush Row, 0L. Pose from Sugar Mill, 1L for today only. There is going to be a pose for 1L each day till Halloween. Boots from Ghost Busters hunt (Lazy places).

candy hair 1
Tunic from C&H lucky board. Or you can buy it for only 25L. Skinny Pants from A.Y.Y. hunt.

My Honey Soul  

I have been real busy with the hunts lately!
If you girls have caught me flying across the grid with a moody look on my face, I was only trying to get my hands on the goodies scattered around!

Now that's done, I had a relaxing day on the field with Caeo:

On The Sunflower Field

Honey*Soul have a new store location! As well as gift dresses, a halloween dress, the rest of the clothing there is on a massive 50% sale!

Caeo wears this sweater, which is avaliable also in red, scarf included, for only $25L. Even at original price of $50L is still a bargain. But what's the deal with the hat? Oh, yeah, he said he wanted to match my 69 hair..LOL

I am wearing the white Dolly Dress, a red version is also avaliable! Bought for a very modest price of $1L, I matched it up with Kookie's Kat platforms ($50L)

honey soul

Gift corner.

Please take me home!!

Woot woot! Halloween spirits!
This is Honey*Soul's offering this halloween.....I don't know how I ended up in that spooky back alley...but please take me home!!


lemania 1
Spiral dress from Lemania Indigo, 1L. Shoes from Little Fish Asian Fashion, 0L.

lemania 2
Freebie skin (0L) and Spring dress from Lemania, 1L. Hair from Luna, 1L.

Sun Land & Marinoco  

Mini hunt at Sun Land, find all 12 pumpkins to complete this awesome dress from Marinoco.
marinoco sun land hunt 1
Skin from On the Catwalk lucky board, necklace and bracelet from Maruko Event land hunt (find the chocolate bars, the gifts are cool, I can't believe I forgot to blot them lol).

marinoco sun land hunt 2
The dress comes also with these 2 versions, and also another one that I missed... It's pumpkin #5 I can't find lol If you know where it is, please let me know!

on the catwalk 2
I'm so in love with On the Catwalk skins! This is one of the 3 makeups on the lucky chair. Ain't I look pretty? ;)

dyn & body by oh
Outfit and wedges from DYN, 0L. Skin from Bodies by Oh!, 1L (buy the demos for the new TrueSkin and one of them is this wearable!).