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Sep 30, 2008

Halloween Edition at Alta Moda  

Kristen Pick, owner of [Alta Moda], just added lucky boards to main store and they're giving out a special halloween edition of her best seller "Delinquent Celebrity". It looks awesome!
Gabi and Kristen wearing our new aquisition from the lucky boards! lol
Close on details, I love the outfit!
The hair I'm wearing is from Candy House, 1L.

Many thanks to Kristen for the lucky boards and for the pics! :)))

Brain & Striking Poses  

My friend Nana told me about the freebies of +Brain+ (ty again Nana hon!!) and I had to check it out, cause she always gives me good tips! lol
Black dress, pink shoes (cute flowers and laces) from Brain, 0L. Hair from TEKUTEKU lucky chair, bangles from Hat Heaven, 0L (which I've found while doing the treasure quest hunt).

Dress and armlet from Brain, 0L. Choker from Edge Grafica at Utsuku City, 10 minutes camping. Hair from ::Maschienenwerk::, 0L. Shoes from Tesla lucky chair.
These last 2 poses are Desperate Housewives poses, the new group gift from Striking Poses. There is 1 more for the group and the other 3 you can get adding the store to your picks. Shirt, shoes and hair piece from Brain, 0L. Hair from ::Maschienenwerk::, also 0L.
The kisses weren't freebies, but were a bargain.. Didn't work, even wearing my bootilicious shorts (A.Y.Y, 25L sale) I didn't sell any :(
lol Cool kissing booth from Crushed Velvet, 0L.

Halloween at JE*REPUBLIC  

Are you looking for a great detailed Halloween costume? Jungeun Vella, owner of JE*REPUBLIC, contacted me and sent this awesome outfit that is for sale on her store.
It comes with dress with many prims, hat, boots, and the cool magic stick (with or without animation, i'm wearing the version with animation above).
Look at those boots! I love them!
Very nice skin from Lessthan3 group, it's the halloween gift, join and get it in notices. JE*REPUBLIC's Happy Halloween Costume full set, 10L.
Thanks Jungeun for your kindness! :)

Sep 29, 2008

Some cool stuff  

Just some quick shots of great freebies before I go to bed :)
Tabbynha sent me a notecard of her great freebies, dollarbies and prizes from Royal Designs. I've chosen to show you the red babydoll dress that is so cute! And only 1L! Obrigada Tabbynha! Hair from BishWear, 0L. Skin from Pulse's secret sale.
This hair is from Uncleweb Studio's lucky board, Mayamaya, owner of MC Creations, tp'ed me and I loved it! Didn't know they have lucky boards! Thanks Maya! Pink capri pants from Moloko, 1L. Top from Digit Darkes lucky chair.
Black tee from [AltaModa], 0L. Just teleport to the New Resident Makeover Salon and you'll find many nice freebies for girls and guys! Spiked sandals from Baby Monkeys group, halloween gift. Skin from Imagen's hunt (same as the middle pic).

I'm your sin, you're my secret  

Leila Dix, owner of Sin & Secrets, sent me her new realeases and I absolutely love them! Check them out:
The new dollarbie is the 'Desperate Housewives' dress. It's great if you're a fan, or if you're not :PThis is another release, Sultry. It's not free but it's so hot I had to show you :)
Did I say hot?! What about this yummy 'Split personality lingerie'? It's also 1L.

Thanks, Leila, for all the fabulous freebies. :)

DD Lucky Chairs!  

Just a short and sweet post before I FINALLY go to bed...I HAD to wait for these babies though...hmm, aren't they delicious?

Digit Darkes

First prize of the DD lucky chair. I pushed the other girls away to get there *dusts her body*!

Digit Darkes

I always knew I had a body to wear one pieces well..I absolutely adore this dress! The necklace is so cold against my chest though...

Digit Darkes

Woo!! Gabi gives me a kiss for sporting the same dress! We both got the lucky chair!

TP to Digit Darkes now!

Picstures taken at Cocololo Island, home of the romantic weddings!

Skins, skins and more  

Black dress, jeans, and both skins from Imagen hunt. You'll find 10 boxes at the Main Store and 5 at the other location. Necklace is a group gift from Trip at Vain Inc. Hair on the right picture is dollarbie from PE.
Skins from Imagen. They're so great!!
Biker outfit and oriental dress from Mars Gelber Eclectic, 1L each for group members. The skin on the left is from Pulse, they're having a secret sale and some skins are 0 to 100L. I also love their skins!

On The Beach  

I almost missed this bikini...I was looking high and low and it was just by the entrance on an easel! LOL


TP to a beach! Smell the sand :P


BOOM - Miami Nights, $0L

YumYum e Brain  

Na YumYum você encontra esta linda blusa de seda totalmente free. E na Brain, além deste vestido, você encontra outros freebies também. Tudo 0L!!!

At YumYum you find this lovely silk shirt for free. And at Brain, besides this dress, you'll see many other freebies. All 0L!!!

Evie's Closet  

I was amazed when I received a notice from Evie's Closet at FashCon group and saw the picture. This lovely white dress for only 1L. You must join the group to buy it.
Hair is Biedermann's Berenice, 0L at Savoir Hair.

Sep 28, 2008

Jetcity Shop & Herby Loire Designs  

New gift from Herby Loire Designs, 0L.
Jeans shorts, knit boots, hats, mufflers (available in other colors too), purple shirt, gray tee, cardigan, bondage gloves, blood stains, doctor's glove and skin (only the one on the right picture below), all free at Jetcity Shop.
Thanks Ana11, for the tip about Jetcity!

Innocent Sexiness  

While I was at Reasonable Designs taking pictures of one lingerie set I got on lucky chair, my letter came up many times and I had to blog at least some of those sexy stuff.
See through outfit from lucky chair at Reasonable Designs.
Vine print lingerie set also from a lucky chair.Red stars set and burgundy bodice, both from Reasonable lucky chairs.
Jeans pants from Second Wave Apparel, 1L each. There are other colors for each style. The two tops are from the new lucky chairs at ..::A.Y.Y::...

Vanity Universe  

Vanity Universe has some nice gifts out at many stores.
This outfit and the pink hair with color change bow are from Sparkle Skyes Designs, 1L each.
Thriza dress from *Bliss Couture*, 0L.
Red gown from VictoriaV Fashion, 1L.

Updated: Errr didn't notice Suri has posted about Vanity.. Well, at least they're different gifts. Sorry all. And the double colored hair is the new group gift from TOUSLED.

Some Great Finds  

Zibware has a new gift on their freebie table along some others as well. Today, I got my sis Celes to be my model!


On Celes: Zibware - Desiree in Black, $0L for today!


I am wearing this cami here, which is also on the freebie table, combined with my BOOTILICIOUS pants, $25L from AyYaiYai! All clothing there is $25L right now and skins are $50L!!


Last but not least, Vanity is here again!!! LOTS of goodies to pick up, watch this space, I'll be back to cover this real soon!

Hunt at Cailyn's  

Hunt at Cailyn's jewelry, many nice accessories to find.

All accessories and lingeries from Cailyn's hunt. :)

Lucky Sunday  

Well, seems like I'm so lucky SL got down for maitenance of whatever the instant after I took the first pic.. lol So there it is.
Green leather jacket with fur and black denim pants from Lisa's Things, 0L till September 31st. Ariel Skin from *Beauty Avatar*, 1L. Don't know how long it's going to last, so hurry there and buy it on the counter of the Skin and Shape store.

Strip Those Prims  

Stripping to our...underwear!
We take the camera to some prestigious locations for this particular shoot...

For the cameras

A little nervous as we have never done a underwear shoot together before..

Hotel Suite

Vent won't take off his top but this pair of smoky hot red boxers are $1L from Leyda Style!!

Now it's MY turn!

Point those cameras at me, LOL

Getting dressed

Yum yum...

ALB Dreams - Flower Set, $0L
This set of lingerie includes a prim to turn this into a babydoll! It's absolutely gorgeous I love it so much!


Who needs food?

Thank you to Nil Giha for being my victim today and posed for me for the pictures shown here. As usual, Mr Benson wants a piece of my cookies so he joined in too! :)


Food provided by: Ultra Kitty Mall, all $0L

Suri's hair: Glitter Hair Store - Moskye, $0L (from lucky board. Thank you to LLuna for tp-ing me!!)

Suri's Dress: Bingo - Chloe Purple, not free

Nil 2

In the Ultra Kitty Mall, you will also find these cookies (with choco chips!!) and the doritos too...get your melted cheese and jalepenos!


I totally love these ghetto earrings, it can also be found in the Ultra Kitty Mall!!