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Dec 30, 2008

...and 2009 begins. Happy New Year!  

I don't know if I will be able to blog before new year's eve, so here are my best wishes of a great new year, lot of peace and love. Take care, girls! Love ya!
happy new year snatch chikka
Top, socks and shorts from Sn@tch, New Year's gift, 0L. Outfit from Chikka Design, xmas gift, socks from SHOP SEU lucky chair. Deadly snickers (on the right) from Blue Blood, weekly gift. Pink hair from Cherry Girl, lucky board prize.

Before 2008 ends...  

kuri style gifts
Dresses from Kuri Style, 0 or 1L each. Brown socks from Shop Seu lucky chair.

kuri style gifts 2
Green dresses also gifts at Kuri Style. Green boots from Aoharu, 0L.

rebel xtravaganza gg
Outfit from Rebel Xtravaganza, xmas group gift in notices. Socks from Shop Seu lucky chair.

tokeo plastic gifts
Skins and tops from Tokeo.plastic, 0L. There are 2 boxes, one is for the group members only. The outfit below is in one of the boxes too, including lollypop. UPDATE: I forgot to mention the eyes on the left are part of the gift pack.

tokeo plastic 2

dv8 and cutie honey
Cute cow outfit from Cutie Honey and white fetish ball from Dare Designs, both are lucky chair prices.

Dec 29, 2008

My lucky day!  

the black canary lc 2
Frigid Belle outfit from The Black Canary, lucky chair prize.

the black canary lc 1
Hollow and Winter in London outfits also from The Black Canary lucky chair. Thanks to Morrigan for the awesome gifts and to Circe, Soffia and Ravyn for making the wait much more pleasant. ;)

cs lc
Black latex and top hat outfit from Crimson Shadow lucky chair. Thanks Rahz for the tp! :)

Almost normal \o/  

Well, things are almost back to normal... Finally hehe Have a lot to blog, I hope I can do it all.

ibizarre gifts
Outfits from IBizarre, 0L each. Hairs from C&H, the brown is from lucky board, the blond is kinda "old" lol but it's awesome and still there, 30 minutes camping.

marine cottage hunt miu ume mode
Skirt from MIU, at Marine Cottage xmas hunt (it ends on Dec 31st). Hair with knit cap from Redlic, 0L. Shirt from Thimbles (the 20L sale ends tomorrow!!). Bag with animation from Ume Mode, group gift in store.

i love the starlust
Hair from Marly's and cool apron from Blonde, both are group gifts at I love the starlust.

Dec 28, 2008


Hey girls. That's how I look in SL the last couple days.. Yeah, considering that most of the times I can't even log in, I should think I look pretty good.. well, but I don't hehe I can't do anything but I'm still getting IM's... It seems like noone reads my answers though. So if you wrote me and I didn't get back to you, now you know why :)
I'm sorry, I'll be back blogging when things come back to normal.

Dec 26, 2008

Second life! \o/  

After trying to make my legs go down for about 45 minutes, going offline zillion times, I founded myself on limbo (well, at least it's better than the all navy colored place I was before) and could take a picture of the new freebie at JILL's new main store. Using my own ao, of course, cause I couldn't go to my place to use my studio :P
Yay! Guess I'll give up second life for now. :/
second life weirdness

jill at limbo

Lucky Chair stalker  

[42] Lucky chair
Mya Snow dress (and socks), lucky chair prize at [42].

little bird lucky chair
Skins from Little Bird, lucky chair prizes as well (2 different packs).

Dec 25, 2008

Bliss Couture  

Hi girls! I hope everyone had a great Christmas. :)
Some gifts are still up! Let's go to them...

bliss 2
Faith dress from Bliss Couture, 0L (it's a Christmas gift, so it can disapear any time from now hehe).

Vancy gown in blue from Bliss Couture, it's not free but there's a 80% off sale on many items at the old main store (this one was 189L). Hollywood girl outfit also from Bliss, 0L (xmas gift).

Dec 24, 2008

A little more before party!  

One last post before I'm off to my Mom's for Christmas party. :)
Happy Christmas again everyone!

untone quilt and aoharu
Tartan sallopette and green dress from UnTone Quilt, group gift in notices. Hair on the left from Magika, Dec 24th gift. Boots from AOHARU, 0L in store (don't know for how long, there is also a red pair). The green top I'm wearing with the sallopette is from Michami, subscribo gift.

ka designs 24
Today's gifts from KA Designs. Includes the 3 outfits shown and both shoes. The box is huge, this one was easy to find! lol

woe - dollete - unique needs
Shirt from WoE, subscribo gift for Christmas. Dress from Dollette, group gift at Fashion Consolidated. French Kiss Shoes from Unique Needs. They're are gifts on the lucky chairs; or you can buy them for only 50L each (That's what I did cause the chairs don't like my letter... and I wanted them really bad.. so I bought fatpacks for French Kiss and Juicylicious lol :)

ruffian and artilleri
On the left: Earrings and necklace from Ruffian, 1L. Once again thanks a bunch Farah, they're amazing like everything you make.
On the right: Earrings and necklace, today's gift from Artilleri.

Have you all a wonderful Christmas!  

happy xmas free second
Thank you for following us!

Happy Christmas!!  

boudoir pose - abomb gifts 2
New Year's Eve Dress and shoes from A-Bomb, the dress is 1L in store. Dolly Shoes are 50L. Guiding Star pose from Le Boudoir Mode D'Ambre, part of 1L pack for Christmas. Thanks Ambre and Lavea!!!

boudoir pose - abomb gifts
Dirty little thing dress from A-Bomb, 25L, release price. Opening gift pose from Le Boudoir Mode D'Ambre, part of Xmas pack, 1L.

boudoir pose - debutante
Dress from Debutante and Skin from Soft Touch, subscribo gifts.

boudoir pose - maria bonita
Dress from Maria Bonita, Xmas gift, 0L (it's on first floor). Putting decoration pose from Le Boudoir Mode D'Ambre, part of Xmas pack, 1L. Dolly Shoes from A-Bomb.

boudoir pose - maria bonita 2
Dress and shoes, same as above. Pose also from Le Boudoir Mode D'Ambre, freebie pack, 1L
soft touch and b&T
Soft Touch Xmas gift from subscribo group. Knit fur hoodie from B&T, subscribo gift as well.

Dec 22, 2008

Awesome group gifts!  

group gifts 3
Awesome dresses from LeLutka. Join the group at Minnu and the gifts are in notices. Thanks again, Ana!!

group gifts 2
Man's outfit and another great dress from LeLutka, group gift.

group gifts 4
Spectacular dress from Thimbles update group. There is also a short skirt version. And some socks and stockings. It's beautiful! Celebrity Skin from Cupcakes group, in notices (250L fee).

group gifts 1
Red dress and stockings from Churche of Luxe, subscribo gift. Christmas boots from Shoe Fly shoes, freebie ring gift. Xmas hair with horns from Refuge, subscribo gift. Green dress from On the Catwalk, group gift in notices (Thank you Isabella for droping it on me!:). Hair with santa hat and skin (on the right) from Tuli update group.

My big thank you to all the designers for the fascinating gifts! Merry Christmas! <3

Crush Row Christmas Stockings  

Most of the stores at Crush Row has stockings with gifts inside. Some are 1L, some are 0L.

crush row stocking hunt 4
Santa's baby outfit from Crash Couture, bag from Aitui, xmas boots from Coco (this one is a group gift, there's another pair of great brown boots for group members). Glasses from Role Optica.

crush row stocking hunt 3
Blue snowflake tee from Aitui and leggings from League. Santa's Naughty lil helper from House of Nyla (includes, dress with belt, boots, hat, necklace and earrings). Blue dress from BOOM.

crush row stocking hunt
Green top from +plus, boots from Aoharu, fur vest from Fishy Strawberry. Red hoodie from Concord Clothing, boots from Coco, group gift. Red starrynights stocking from Bingo, 1L (not on Crush Row hehe).

crush row stocking hunt 2
Skins from The Obscene and Whimsy.

Dec 21, 2008

<3 Thimbles!! & More stuff  

gabi and ana
Me and Ana11 collecting stamps for our CSR 2008 stampcards.. Since she knows I'm as *Thimbles* addicted as she is, she let me know about the 20L sale on green, red, white and blue items. OMG!!
She's wearing Love, Marleen dress in redhot and I'm wearing The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence shirt in blue, 20L each @ Thimbles. My pants are from Sh*t happens, zebra jeans, 1L. Flat shoes from Fuel, lucky board prize (don't know if still available, I went there and there was a nice dress on lucky board).

csr 2008
These are the prizes I've chosen on CSR 2008. Bolero from Cubic Effect, hair with barret from 69 and wonder cycle from Happy Mood. Not an easy choice, there are many great gifts to choose, unfortunately I only got 3 cards.. lol If I were this pants (red pants and maany tanks) from Thimbles, 20L.

thimbles 20L
Shirt and pants as blogged above. Hoist That Rag Tunic, Obligatory Leopard Miniskirt reallyred, 20L each from Thimbles. Hair with barret from 69 @ CSR 2008.

lost valley hunt karona and marlys
Marlys beatle bailey dress, I 'heart' the Starlust group gift. Candy cane and green pumps from Love Soul, and Kar'ona dress, all from Lost Valley hunt.

lost valley hunt - bp
Boxes from BP, legawarmers from Boof, xmas collar from [HS] Stores and pumps from Love Soul, all at Lost Valley Hunt.

Dec 19, 2008

Friday post  

life 10L
Complete outfit (shorts, tank, backpack, gloves, socks, shoes) from Relance, 10L sale, everything is 90%off. UPDATED: Sorry everyone, this slurl doesn't take you directly to the store. The location is 234, 38,563. Or you can IM me and I'll give you the lm. I'm sorry again.

rock me amadeus and sairs
Free Gypsy outfit from Rock me Amadeus, 1L. Woodcutters daughter dress and necklace from Sari's, Dec 18th and 19th gifts, 0L.

Have a nice weekend!

Dec 18, 2008

Dollz Town  

Christmas hunt at Dollz Town (as messaged by Bunny on the chat box, ty hon!) You have to find xmas balls, candy canes, snowflakes...

dollz town hunt - gazov
Bangles, purses, shoulder bag, gloves, legwarmers, barret, all from Gazov Designs, at Dollz Town hunt.

dollz town hunt - mika
Outfits from Mika, gifts from the hunt. The outfits include gloves, stockings, feather hats, necklace, corset, skirt, boa and jacket (2 outfits on separate snowflakes). Pose from Striking Poses, Dollz Town hunt gift.

dollz town hunt - mika 2
Another corset set from Mika, and pose from Striking Poses, both are gifts from the hunt. Shoes from Ztique, Xmas gift.

dollz town hunt - mika and rockberry group gift
The skin I'm wearing on this post is the new group gift from RockBerry (find in notices). Thanks Heather, it's lovely!

There are others awesome gifts on the hunt that I couldn't find yet (Gazov Designs, Mika, Striking Poses, Second Shape, Sweet Dreams, Ztique and Country Time) I'll try to find and blog tomorrow.. Now I need some sleep hehe :) Ni Ni, everyone!