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Oct 31, 2008

Last Day!  

Some nice dresses for you today, including one from the Retrology hunt, which i have ONLY just got round to do. A girl can only run so far in high heels; perhaps I should take a professional course in it :P


First dress, is from UNPICK! There are new dresses in the lucky chairs. You can get it camping for 50mins! I am wearing the white version, black is also avaliable. Also, if you add UNPICK into your profile, you get a free dress! I am waiting for mine to arrive sooo I will blog it in a later post! If you can't wait, go there and add UNPICK to your profile!

Dressing up

Retrology hunt - Thimbles: Charo Dress, $0L

The Retrology hunt ends tommorrow (1st November), so hurry and find all the pumpkins!

Pixel Dolls subscribo: Draped Knit And Sequined Dress, $0L

Shoes: Maitreya - Chichi Pumps (not free)
Necklace: iGems Necklace from the Ghostbusters hunt (#48)

What next?

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