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Oct 14, 2008

Happy Bloody Halloween  

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! From BLOODY Strawberry..haha

bloody strawberry

The Bloody tee you see here is a new group gift from Fishy Strawberry! Why not team it up with the butchers working trousers too? Avaliable on the lucky chair in store.

i am more stylish

On Suri
Fishy Strawberry - Bloody Tee (group gift)
Tartan Skirt from Edge Grafica, $0L

My boi Caeo

Caeo here shows off his outie belly button! Look how clean it is!

Caeo wears:
stud belt

Stud Belt, avaliable to camp at Edge Grafica Utsuku City (10 mins, must wear group tag to camp)

Spiked Bracelet from Edge Grafica, $0L

What next?

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