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Nov 30, 2008

Skins and more  

Blue dress for Thanksgiving gift at Bliss Couture, 1L.

Gold Earrings and belt from +plus, group gift.

fleur skins
Skins from Fleur Skins, group gift.

whimsy and bebae
Skin on the left from Whimsy, 1L. On the right from Bebae group gift on notices. Search for the group to join, the store will re-open soon.

And more!  

oc cyan top
Cyan glitter top from *OC*, 10L. It is all sculpty, and a naked back included! Skin from Nomine lucky chair.

gifts 100
Red dress and nails from Yamy Shop, 0L. Flower Corsage color changeable with pearls from Sen2, 1L. Black dress from Sin&Secrets, xmas gift, the gift changes every 2 days till Christmas! Bone collector lingerie from Nomine lucky chair again.

Cool eyes I got at this nice furniture store called Kusshon, 0L. And my new corsage, so sweet! :)

Santa's Helper (Dirty)  

Here's another sexy Xmas outfit for the girls to show off her curves...I enjoyed wearing it!

Santa's naughty lil helper

Vent thinks I am fat here! Look how he struggles to carry me!

House of Nyla - Santa's Lil Naughty Helper, $1L. The dress includes a pearl necklace and high boots as well (not shown)

My thigh high boots are the gorgeous new addition from J's. I love it it's so sexy! Thank god I have long legs!

Pose by **DZARM Poses**, $200L

More gifts...  

Coat from **sen*2** lucky board.

sen2 2
Skirts from sen*2, 0L. White crop tee from Baby Doll lucky chair, 0L.


There are so many gifts to blog, it's amazing the much you can miss while a couple of days off sl!!

leyda cupcakes laqroki wrong
First me: skin from Cupcakes Opening 'hunt'. There are gift boxes spread all around the store, buy for 0L! Britney dress from Leyda Style, 1L.
Second me: Red checked skirt from WRONG, 0L. Top from Cupcakes. Boots from J's, group gift in store.
Third: Brown dress from Cupcakes also. Skin and hair are from Laqroki, 0L. Shoes from Illuminati, 0L.

cupcakes and laqroki skins
Blue dress from Cupcakes. Skin, hairs and white dress with bow from Laqroki, 0L and 1L.

cupcakes skin gift
Cupcake skin.

laqroki skin
Laqroki skin and hair.

The shoes shown above.

g field
Red dress from G*Field, one of my favorites stores for shoes, only 1L till 12/26. The other colors are 50% off, and there are some nice fur for 25L there.

Happy Birthday!!  

Happy birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Yeah, today it's Suri's rl birthday and I just want to tell you, hon, that I wish you all the best in both lives :) Love you! Xoxo

Sweet Seduction  

::maria bonita:: has a new gift out! It is one of the products they sell, this is a gift only for one day, this week this SWEET SEDUCTION outfit is for you, free!

sweet seduction

Necklace is an hunt prize from the upcoming PEACE ON EARTH hunt!

Nov 29, 2008


Hi girls!
Some stuff for you to enjoy!

stuff to enjoy!

Sexy silk, complete with breast tatoo!

Maleeka Gift Silk, $0L

stuff to enjoy!

Cute disco outfit! Avaliable in more colors, $1L from Shameless.

Nov 28, 2008


emas snow
Christmas gift from Ema's, snowflake outfit. It's highly detailed and cute. Boots included. The knit hat, mittens and scarf on the right are from Ema's lucky chair.

belleza skin
Skin from Belleza, group gift in notices.

Yay, it's Friday!  

pididdle ki2 sn
Naughty Christmas outfit from Sweet Nothings, 0L. Christmas boots from A&K Designs, group gift. Blue turtleneck from Ki2, 1L (Mistery dollarbie). Dress from Pididdle, group gift in notices.

bijou teddy hoodie
Hoodie (w/ hair) teddy Christmas gift from :Bijou:, 0L instore.

Have fun on the weekend girls!

Nov 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving 2  

Hi all, hope everyone enjoyed the holiday (the ones of you that have it) hehe :)

Dress 1: Girls Style, 1L. The hair I'm wearing on this first is from Junwave, 50L (30-50% off sale).
Dress 2: Ero Rabbi, 0L.
Dress 3: Miroku, 1L. Socks from Cypher, 0L for a fat pack of 5 colors, with or without pins.

Y dress tee from RunoRuno, 0L.

miu and dark eden
Skater leotard by MIU, lucky chair gift. It comes with 3 cool animations. Mistweave metis gold skates from Dark Eden subscribe-o-matic.

bm skater
Skater outfit from Baby Monkeys group. Mistweave metis skates in silver.

Happy Thanksgiving  

Free red dress and Happy Thanksgiving outfit from Lil's, 0L.

Skirt from MNK, group gift instore.

dp yum yum
Prim jacket from **DP**Yumyum lucky board.

Nov 26, 2008

Ouch, can't stop shopping!  

a piece of candy hillary
Grape Hillary dress from A Piece of Candy subscribo. Socks from MNK lucky chair.

emery call me
Call me outfit from Emery, 0L. Shoes from Tuli's group, not available anymore.

sparrowcat 1
Skirt, tank and leg warmers on the right side are from SparrowCat, 1L. On left side skirt and cuffs from an outfit also from SparrowCat, 30L. Christmas sneakers, 1L; Emo bag from Rockers Wear, 0L. Gray cami from Churche of Luxe group (don't know if still available on history, but you can check the lucky chair that has nice dress).

luna swr and ezura
Miss Noel lingerie from Luna, 1L. Black latex (suit and socks) from She Wants Revenge subscribo, Thanksgiving dress from Ezura, 0L. Ballet flats from Fuel lucky chair.

sweeter than candy and modern gypsy
3 first outfits from Sweeter Than Candy, 0L. The freebie wall has some new (at least for me!) outfits. The scarf is also STC, the vendor is just at the entrance with a fatpack of scarves and mittens. Couture boho hippie dress from Modern Gypsy, 0L. Tainted tartan, muse cherry and tainted spring boots (in order) from Fuel, where everything is 50% off.

stc scarf and gloves
Multi-colored knit scarf and mittens from STC, 0L. Hair from Waka&Yuki at Tokyo Pig Sight, 0L.


Gorgeous tutu dress with lace corset in black! Only $1L at Thrashed.


Here I am in Fuel, where there is a pre-christmas sale going on! Everything 50% off, I almost got all the shoes and some jewels too!

Kookie shoes

On my feet are Muse Boot in Midnight, you can buy this for half price at $175L, bargain!

Kookie lucky board

And as for this pair of emerald Dolly pumps, you can get them from the lucky board. I have not even got the Halloween leggings (*pouts*) but I got this in the wildcard round! It's a fatpack in multi colors!

Rockers Wear  

There is a 25L sale going on at Rockers Wear. I think it goes until Friday.

rockers wear2
Leo hoodie jacket, and street baggy set with pants, bra and jacket, 25L each.

rockers wear
Cargo baggy pants, 25L.

rockers wear neko boots
Neko boots, 0L.

kookie boots
Special Muggy Love from Kookie, 95L. Not free but so worthy!

Nov 25, 2008

It's Blue at Callie's  

Just a quick update before I go to bed.. The pics were done so quickly I know they look weird lol but I had to tell you girls that Callie Cline is having a sale on many blue items marked down to 25-50L and I don't know how long it's going to last. Here are some of the things I bought:
blue callie
There are other outfits and accessories, like the Bubble Dress and the Army Baby I already blogged some time ago. I know they're not free, but as I love her things I thought you might like also. Thank you Callie! Happy shopping!

Lala Foofoo!!  

lala foofoo
OMG! I finally got the sheer cover-ups from Lala Foofoo's lucky chair (it comes in . With a little bit of luck and a lot of kindness! lol! Ty Larue for your help!! :))
I think the slurl won't take you directly to Lala Foofoo, so you got to follow the red arrow.

Rahz Store new coats & others  

rahz coats new
New coats from Rahz Store, one of them is 1L instore. You have to find which one! All come with 3 tights and a scarf. Thanks Rah!! The dalmation boots is a gift from Gumi's Bad Box at Fashion Trend group.

Gray hoodie from Garden, 10 minutes camping. The dress and panties are free also at Garden's.

mix gifts
Denim capri and black leggings from J.J.P. at Tokyo Pig Sight, 0L. The gray one I'm wearing with the hoodie from Garden is also from there. Stripped top from WWI, subscribo gift. Brown pants from Kunglers, group gift instore (comes with the fur sweater I already blogged).

Nov 24, 2008

Silk and Gown  

Alluring Silk

Dollabie pink silk at Eternity Silks. Not sure for how long but its sexy!

You won't catch me doing the Nadu anywhere else.. ;)

Alluring Silk

Nor will you catch me washing dishes in silk anywhere else... lol

Eternity Silks - Innocence Silk, $1L

medieval gown 2

medieval gown

A nice free medieval gown at Virtual Wedding. You can tp here to get the gown, why not stop for a dance or two bwcause there is an open ballroom too, complete with a bar!