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Oct 9, 2008

Building Ain't Easy  

Finally got a new piece of land! Building my own store. I refuse, refuse to buy a prefab! Computer says nooooooooooooooooooooo!

pergola caeo

Caeo comes to help with the building, here we are, just chilling on Mudhoney Design's dollarbie of the week, this 2 person pergola with in built animation. We chose to sit at the end of it because we cannot be bovvered to remove shoes.

dead man jacket caeo

On Suri
Irresistable - Denim Dress, $1L. For group members to buy only.
Witch Hat from Glam Couture, $0L

On Caeo
Civvies - Dead Man Jacket, $0L. For group members only. Love the back detail!
Shoes from Adam n Eve. Caeo received a voucher in the store to redeem this pair of shoes. Special thanks to Damen Gorilla for delivering his gift in lightning speed!

What next?

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