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Oct 20, 2008

Adventure before bed  

Having some fun around this sim, I found some nice freebies: Tank top and capri pants from Jarnia, skin from Leopink, 1L. Warning: Noob eater. "Well, that's not for me... lol"

Cardigan and destroyed jeans from Jarnia also.

Woops, seems like the noobie didn't pay attention to the sign... Poor guy.. Jarnia capris and 6 Studio top, both 0L.

Hey! I'm no noob!! (Flat shoes from Fluky, 1L).

There's nothing a good makeup won't hide! hehe Ready for more! Jarnia black satin dress, 0L. Zebra heels from The Niven Collection Boutique, group gift from ScarlettCast subscribo group. Pearl choker from Bliss Couture, 1L.

What next?

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