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Oct 31, 2008

Looking Stylish  

Lucky with Aoharu's lucky chair!
I got the men's green jacket, but what the hell, it is soooo comfy!

Vent has sported it in my previous post: Thimbles and Crush Row!
See how good it looks on both boys & girls!

Suri & Vent at Crush Row

Suri in Aoharu and Dog II

YES, I can pose anywhere, I LOVE the camera! :))

Kunglers Design spoils us again with this way cool crocodile pants...they are puurfect with my new kick ass League Boots (not free!!). This croc pants is a gift for the group only. Girls, you know what to do!

Thanks Barbra for sending them to me, I have worn it for 2 days straight now...

Suri in Aoharu and Dog I

I took this picture outside of the UNPICK store..the guard dog was outside the store, where I posed for the camera...I have no idea he thought I was stupid (check out the chat bubble...LOL)

Get to Aoharu to try your luck!
Hair from C&H camping chair (30 minutes).

What next?

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