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Oct 3, 2008

Dress Glam Rock The 80s!  

I have caught Caeo online today! Our NEW male blogger! He helped me pose for the goodies from EMERY!


Caeo: "I am SO shy of the camera!"
Suri: "Why Oh Why?!"

POSE: *ADD Poses* - Motorboat, $1L (not sure if it is free anymore)

dress glam rock 80s!

Emery - Dress Rock & Glam 8, $0L

dress glam rock 80s!

Emery - Dress Rock & Glam 2, $0L


On Caeo
Top: Emery - Gift for men, $0L. You will find Caeo's top along with the girl's freebie bags on a table just opposite the entrance.
Underwear: Caeo's own
Hair: Dejavu gift for men! Search for *+DEJAVU +* group and join. The pack is called Dejavu Homme gift! Also comes in another another dye color...boys, get them before they go!

Thank you, Caeo for your time. Welcome to the team!

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