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Jan 28, 2009

Dilly Dolls  

There is a 20L sale at Dilly Dolls new store, I bought many things, they're sooo worthy!! All outfits come in many colors with color change and resize scripts on all prims. The shoes are also color and texture change!

dilly dolls 1

dilly dolls 2

dilly dolls qoh
This is a dark version of the Queen of Hearts, 20L. You can also find cheshire cat costumes (male or female) and the red riding hood I blogged here a while ago, among others for 20L.

dilly dolls skins
The skins are cute. These are my favorites!

dilly dolls 3
The gogo flamer boots I got on the lucky chair! Yay! The sketched boots 20L.

dilly dolls 4
You change colors and textures of bows, laces, heels and shoes. So cool!

If you love their designs like I do, join the group and get the many group gifts, at the basement.

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