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Jan 13, 2009


florencia blue blood tartan shoes freebie
Tartana shoes from Blue Blood, weekly freebie in celebration of the new store, all remodeled and looking awesome! Florencia dress (shoes included) also from Blue Blood, not free but so beautiful! Ty Ghanima!!
abomb cardigans
Cardigans from A-BOMB, the gray one is 1L and the others colors are 10L (just for a limited time!!). Thanks Addison! Hair from Vixen lucky chair (the pack comes with 3 colors).

crissy designs one soul vixen
Dress from Crissy Designs, 0L for 24 hours (hurry there!); black tank (it says "You know what your problem is? You're stupid" hehe) and tartan boots from One Soul lucky chair. Black tights from Cube Sugar, 1L.

rd cheer
Cheer leader outfit, including shoes and pompom (is that how you say in english? lol) from Reasonable Desires, it's not free (99L only, it's so worthy!!) but it's cool. There is also a Cheer Hud with animations that you can find on second floor. Woot! Thanks, Alexx!

pididdle at vain inc and blue blood
Tank from Pididdle ("You make me sick, I make music"), group gift in Vain Inc. Tartana shoes from Blue Blood, 0L.

stc lc 2
Exotic Gothic Green, other gift from Sweeter Than Candy lucky chair. Boots from Sentou Yousei, lucky chair also.

analee balut and stc lc 2
Teal dress from Sweeter Than Candy lucky chair. Zebra pumps (awesome!!) from A-BOMB lucky board. Emilie dress from AnaLee Balut Dream Fashion, it's a gift at Mantova Festival.

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