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Jan 19, 2009

These Boots Are Made For Walking!  

Slick black sexy smoking mistress boots! Yours free for now, by EvA...yum yum..


The Dominion Fashion District - Black Patent Boots, $0L
Pose: Very sassy one which is erfect to show off these boots, they are from ESSENTIAL SOUL STUDIO.

You will notice lots of gift boxes lying around as well, those are cheapies you can buy, and for the price, they look absolutey fab fab fab!


French corset with panties, $25L
Shoes are new group gift from Enkythings!


Hmmm, I love this girlie lacey corset, also $25L


Who said mesh was out? Fits me perfectly...$25L


A bit of silver action...bikini top wth matching silver shorts, are you ready to party? I said, are YOU ready to party?

What next?

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