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Jan 25, 2009

Playing with my new alt!  

I've finally made an alt for me! Yay! And she's getting cute, isnt she? hehe

canimal and studio mz
Boots and black hoodie parka from Studio M'z lucky boards; dresses from Canimal lucky chairs; short hair from Aden, group gift; bangles, earrings and checkered skirt in the middle from Sn@tch noobie kit, for avatar under 30 days old, it comes with outfit, shoes, accessories, bag, skin, shape, hair, pheww, it's awesome!

kunglers canimal sentou yousei snatch
Left: Jade dress from Kunglers, group gift; necklace from Sn@tch lucky chair; hair from PE, 1L a fat pack.
Right: Dress from Canimal and hair from Goldie Locks, both from lucky chairs.
Boots from Sentou Yousei lucky chair.

romi skin snatch pe hair
The skin on all pics is the new group gift from Romi Juliesse, romi4 skin, activate your tag to get it. Hair from PE, Australian Day gift, 1L.
Updated: Forgot to mention the cute monocle from Sanu lucky chair.

What next?

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