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Jan 24, 2009


Thanks for all your continuing support, and for sharing the goods you find on our Flickr Group!
Here are the ones I really liked:


This pick was submitted by Un Pick, owner of Unpick, obviously. This tatt is a profile pick reward from Warudakumi.


This photo was one of many submitted by my dear friend Clarissa, detail of her pic as follows:

Just Showing off my freebie gowns^^This one was from L.A Couture (no longer there) BUT, the fur coat is totally free at Curio Obscura (i LOVE that shop^^).The spoon necklace is also free, and its in the garden of Kusshon shop.


This pic was submitted by Thrown Roses, details as follow:

Model: Annika
Skin (minus nail polish): Adriana by {bazy} (Dollarbie)
Black Pigtails: Utsuku City Group camping gift by UA Beauty Salon (15 minutes)
Blue Checkered Coat: Utsuku City Group camping gift by Queen's Berry (10 minutes)
Stockings: Utsuku City Group camping gift by Cocco (10 minutes)
Engineer Boots: Utsuku City Group camping gift by Edge Grafica (10 minutes) (One of the boots was actually broken, but fixed fairly easy by using the Edit Linked Parts option.)
Eyes: Light Blue by Dime Piece Designs (Part of a freebie fatpack of eyes at Strange Behaviour on Malyshkin.)
Pose: Millie Pose by Imperial Elegance (A freebie for the weeks of 11-07-08 and 11-14-08. I'm not certain if it's available for sale now or not.)

Taken in Edge Grafica.

Thank you so much for the lovely pictures and time to write out where you all got the freebies! See you on flickr!

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