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Jan 2, 2009

Waving 'see you soon'  

creators pavilion
Some of the stuff I got at the Creators Pavillion winter sale. Checkered tunic and half pants from MNK SHOP (black and gray), 50L each. Pink shirt dress from Aoharu, 100L. Tunic from Giselle, 90L. Tartan socks from G^G, 30L. I know they're not free, but very worthy every linden.

thimbles and kunglers
Dress from Thimbles update group. Outfit from Kunglers group.

honey honey
Group gifts from Honey Honey, in notices. The corsage is a freebie from Sen*2.

gypsy soul
Outfit from Gypsy Soul, 0L (it's in the sock over the cart).

Well, I'm sorry there is a big storm arriving here and I have to turn off my computer. Later tonight I'm going on a trip and will be back on tuesday. I don't know if I'll have time to fix the slurls :( I hope you can find all in search.
Have a nice weekend and sorry again.

UPDATED: Storm was over sooner than I supposed and there are the slurls, yay!

What next?

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