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Jan 30, 2009

I got Blue Blood  

blue blood freebie - cute shirt hand drawn
Cute shirt from Blue Blood, new freebie in store. It's so cute and guess what? It's hand drawn!! Ty, Ghanima!! And I think you should always draw and make clothes when you are bored! lol

mia bell
Nice red dress with boa, gloves and boots! Gift from E&R Designs to Fashcon group members.

larosse pic frame
Lecosse Designs picture frame. This is a dollarbie for a limited time, it's a gift for the grand opening, and there is a big party tomorrow (Sat 31st) at 3pm slt, with DJ, lucky chair and lots of fun. The gift will be available till Feb 15th.
Thanks, LassDream!

Updating> Hair: 1- Vixen (lucky chair); 2- Glitter (not free); 3- Armidi (not free). :P
Updating 2> Forgot to mention that picture frame is wedding themed (well, I think it works for single me hehe) and there are many styles available in the store!

What next?

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