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Jan 7, 2009

A LOT of things  

silver - pepermint blue and la couture
Short Silver dress from Peppermint Blue Fashion Bar, 0L (the pack comes also with a cool afro and shoes). Silver dress on the right is from L.A. Couture, 1L (or 0L).

dany french touch peute etre
2 outfits from Dany French Touch, 1L each. Thanks Nana baby for showing me!

blue blood and je republic
Red dress from Blue Blood lucky chair. Diva dress from JE*Republic, 1L. Shoes from Unique Needs, lucky chair.

sysys gifts
Black dress, denim capris and pink dress from Sysy's. Capris and pink dress are welcome gifts when subscribing to the group, the black dress is 1L (the pack comes also with a nice lingerie set). On middle pic, hair is TekuTeku group gift in store and pink tank from B&T, subscribo gift.

thimbles estoy fatigada
Estoy fatigada y te amo (i'm tired and i love you) top from Thimbles, (and I love the Starlust) group gift.

studio mz and bingo and ss
Left: Green knit set and boots from Studio M'z, lucky board prize. Snowy tights from Bingo, subscribo gift.
Right: Outfit from S&S, it was a gift for the 2nd rezzday of Leila's partner, Huxly Hudson, on Jan 5th. Unfortunately I wasn't here to blog it :( But I still wish he had a happy birthday :). Hair from Rock Candy, group gift in notices. Thanks Ana for telling me!
Awesome skins (also on pic below) from [42], 1L.

endeavor and rock candy
Pants from Endeavor, group gift in store. Both hairs from Rock Candy, group gifts, one in notices and the other in store.

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