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Jan 16, 2009

For the weekend  

ray skin lb
I waited forever for my G to come up at Ray Skin lucky boards lol And finally I got mine when LadyDreamz tp'ed me to get it. Ty Lady! (outfit shown below)

ray skin fb
Free outfit and skate board with pose from Ray Skin, 1L each, as blogged by Suri on Free*Style.

Baby Monkeys Ray skin mc skin
Business Monkey outfit from Baby Monkeys group, blue boots and blue silkies pumps from Sentou Yousei lucky chairs. Outfit in the middle from the Ray Skin lucky board. Yay! Blue dress with sweater from MC Skin, 0L.

A&K designs gg
Dresses and Gothy Girl pumps from A&K Designs, group gifts in store.

mc skin lc
Skin and one of these shapes are from MC Skin lucky chair. The other 2 shapes are freebies there. So damn cute!

Have a great weekend, girls! See you on Sunday. Xoxo

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