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Jan 29, 2009  

No, not you... That's the name of the store I got many dollarbies: The owner, Poptart, is fun and sweet. Thanks again for the gifts!

i hate you 2
Al Bundy No Ma'am tee! Cool! 1L.

i hate you 3
I <3 mom and schoolgirl outfit (panties not included), 1L each.

i hate you 1
Pack with 6 black tanks (forgot to shoot 1 ;/), 1L. There is also a pack with white tanks; and pack with 5 black jeans w/ belts.

i hate you 5
Funny bunny hoodie, 1L. The chocolate bunnies say "My butt hurts...".. "What?" lol cute!

i hate you 6
Imposter hoodie, 1L. Very cute as well, isnt it?

i hate you 4
Bigtie tee and cat nip hoodie, 1L. The hoodies (this one and the 2 above) come also with a t version.

i hate you 7
Belly sweater and patch slacks, not free but very affordable.

TP to now!

What next?

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