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Jan 6, 2009

Back again  

Hi everyone, I'm back :)

likeA dejavu pop feel
1: Hair from DEJAVU, group gift; border pants from Burt Laundry, 15 minutes camping.
2: Purple jacket from Pop*Feel, jeans pants from LikeA, both group gifts in the stores.

runoruno eva steamstress
1: Dress from SteamStress lucky chair; shoes from Baby Monkeys group; hair from The Obscene group.
2: Hair (at Cutie Land), skirt and legwarmers from Mingo, 0L; teetee and bra from RunoRuno, 0L.
3: Shorts (subscribo gift) and tee (0L) from SteamStress. Boots from Eva Footwear, 0L. Hair from DEJAVU, group gift.

burt laundry likeA
1: Cow dress and leggings from Burt Laundry, 0L.
2: Cargo red pants from LikeA, group gift in store.

bebae gg skin
Skin and top from Bebae, group gifts in notices.

What next?

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