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Jan 26, 2009

Some good news  

anuenue lc and so kinky
Dresses from Anuenue, the one on the left you can find at So Kinky Club, (0L) the event started early today, so I don't know how long it's gonna be available. The style on the right is from Anuenue lucky chair.

so kinky - candy nail and devol
Shirt from Devol and nails from Candy Nail, at So Kinky Special Club, all 0L.

blue blood - surrealia
Surrealia dress from Blue Blood. Not free, but it's a limited edition item that will only be available for a week, and if you love Ghanima designs and Alice in Wonderland you can't miss this cool dark version! 300L for many pieces, including the 'no blood' version shown below, shoes and the bunny.
blue blood - surrealia 2
Oh, group members have a discount and can get it for 230L. Thanks Ghanima!

crimson shadow lc
Lokum has sent me the new lucky chair item at Crimson Shadow, this awesome Mythical dress (with shoes!) Let's stalk it! :)
Tyvm Lokum!

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