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Jan 10, 2009

Tops! & more..  

kawaii jelly 3
Free hoodies from Kawaii Jelly. Awesome, huh?

kawaii jelly 1
More hoodies and poofy skirt from Kawaii Jelly, 0L.

kawaii jelly 2
Hoodies with hair and fur, both from Kawaii Jelly also.

lfs 1
Sweaters from Lycee Feelings Shop, 0L. Hair from Exile, group gift in store.

ornamental life 1
Tops from Ornamental Life, 0L. Hair on the left from Glitter Hair, group gift in notices. White bracelets from Kraftika, 1L.

chikka and lfs
Top and short skirt from Chikka Design, 0L (january gift). Skirt and boots also from LFS, 0L. White top from Ornamental Life, 0L. Bag from Courtisane, opening gift.

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