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Jan 13, 2009


Just a quick post because I couldn't avoid sharing this with you. Everything on Toast is 10L, including all outfits shown below and the cutest shoes (color and texture change). It's only till tomorrow, so hurry up! Thanks to Jelly for sharing with us!
1 toast
From Toast: Shoes and outfits, including bow collar and socks with garthers.
The hair is from Vixen lucky chair.

1 toast and thimbles
Loliholster and shoes from Toast, 10L each. The holster gives you a lollipop with animation when clicked. So cute :) Tube top from Thimbles, 25L for 4 colors (It's at the small store, in the basement!).

1vixen toast thimbles
Model avatar from Vixen lucky chair as well. Comes with hair, skin, eyes, eyelashes and shape. It's awesome and I love the hair so much I bought the blond for myself :P
Shoes and trousers (10L a fatpack with 9 colors) from Toast. Tube tops from Thimbles (as above. There are other packs available).

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