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Jan 14, 2009

Polly Jean  

I'm so tired and needing some sleep that I just stopped the many pictures I was taking to blog and am blogging only few of the freebies you can find at Polly Jean.

polly jean 2
Tops and panties from Nerdi, 1L (there are other things in the pack like the red hot pants and knit sweater below). Argyle socks from Juju's Closet.

polly jean
Cool cool cool vinyl shelf from Fabulous Soul Records, 1L. It looks great on my corner. Monsterrrrrrrrrrrrr top, grey socks and black boxers from Juju's Closet box. Leaves tat and red shorts from Nerdi. The loop standing pose I'm wearing is also 1L. Yeah, I tried to make a sequence... didn't work hehe

There are other awesome freebies from Zaara, Marly's, Split Tea, Striking Poses, etc, etc, sorry not to show or mention all (I had the pictures done!!) but...

what? what? Oh, I'm coming...

(my bed is calling me...) Nini!

What next?

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