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Jan 27, 2009

Long day...  

It's been a long day for me, organizing my inventory, collecting freebies all over, chatting... well, something good must come when you're sick at home. lol

ibizarre freebies
Great freebies from Ibizarre: pink leather pants, embroided top and black cardigan. Both shoes from HOC Industries, 10L each (and they are color changeable!!). I have bought those shoes so long ago and have completely forgotten about them. Shame on me, the store has many nice cheap shoes for girls and guys!

alchemy gg creations by ana chikka designs hoc
Invierno outfit from Alchemy, january gift (subscribe).
Hearts vest from Chikka Designs, lucky board; hearts top (lucky chair prize) and bracelet (dollarbie) from Creations by Ana.

gs valentine opening gifts
Pants and tops from Girls Style, valentine opening gift. Boots from HOC Industries, 30L (also color change). Pink muffler from **em**, 1L. There is a lucky board there now, with an awesome parka I wasn't lucky enough to get. Yet.. hehe

sunnyday sunday 2
I this sooooo cute parka on a friend who told me it's a freebie already blogged all over. I don't know how I missed it! Bunny parkas (tan and gray) from Sunnyday Sunday, 0L.

sunnyday sunday 3
Also at Sunnyday Sunday you find this checked brown coat, and the jump denim outfit with socks, all 0L. Brown shoes also from there.

sunnyday sunday
Free shoes from Sunnyday Sunday, a pack with 4 styles (one of them shown above).

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