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Jan 15, 2009

Some flickr  

Heya girls, I'm not having too much time to take care of the FreeSecond flickr group as I'd like, but I'll try to show you some pics uploaded there more times. Thanks for all girls who participate :)
By Ysé Ah. Skin from Wasabi Pills lucky chair.

By, Ysé Ah. Boots from Kookie (group gift at Cupcake sim, now in notices), outfit from Tyranny Design (lucky chair), skin Atomic Kitty (not free), hair Vixen (not free). --- I couldn't find the lucky chair at Tyranny... Ysé, if you read this, please can you send the lm to me in world? :) Ty

By Clarissa Fiertze. Dramatic dress from Hudson Clothing Co., hiden behind the stairs for 0L.

By Clarissa Fiertze. " Got these boots and socks at Vynil Cafe and felt like being all golden, with this shirt from Little fish (all for 1L a piece)... as usual i got my Yip gear out (even the skin) and Ta Da.... all ready to go "

Thanks Clarissa and Ysé!

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