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Jan 12, 2009


My friend Ana11 told me about this cute store and its freebies and a couple lucky boards.. I went there to check out and was lucky to get them both! Thanks Ana!!

s@bbia 1
Dress with sweater and socks, S@bbia lucky board. Boots with leg warmers from *Katat0nic* midnight mania. SL is saying 'place information not available without server update' when I try to get the slurl from Katat0nic, but I'm pretty sure you already have it hehe If you don't, IM me in world and I'll give you the lm.

s@bbia 3
Free cardigan from S@bbia.

s@bbia 2
Free dress from S@bbia. Turtleneck sweater not included.

s@bbia 4
Fur bolero dress, S@bbia lucky board.

tart lc
Sexy camo outfit from TART, lucky chair prize. Boots from Edge Grafica, 10 minutes camping.

What next?

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