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Jan 21, 2009

Cheapies II  

pink fuel and humming
Gray knit sweater, red shorts and brown tweed dress from Humming, 1L each. There is also a red version of the cute dress. Cool Angel and Devil Pandas from Pink Fuel, lucky chair prize.

abomb and cest la vie
Argila sweaters from A-BOMB, 10L release price for a limited time. Blue tee, 1L (valentine's gift), shoes, 25L and pants, 100L, all A-BOMB new releases. In the middle, check halfpants from C'est la vie, 1L and white flats from Callie Cline, group gift in store.

kuri style and magika
Dresses from K*S at the outlet corner, 10L each. There are other styles on sale. On the left side, shoes from RuPaul, 0L. On the right, Bits hair in blonde from Magika, 10L at the clearance area.

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