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Nov 16, 2008

Yay, gifts!  

Who doesn't like gifts? I do! \o/
Many thanks to the designers who are always giving us the greatest gifts!

Blue knit dress and gray sweater from Yoo&Boo lucky board. The red dress, santa hat and hair on the left are freebies also at Yoo&Boo. Blue pumps from Maitreya update group (subscribo).

pink outfitters maitreya col
Tartan mini skirt from Pink Outfitters, 1L. Racerback cami in white from Churche of Luxe subscribo group. Shoes from Maitreya group. The pack comes with many, many colors.

cia designs 2
Penelope dress, 1L and pants and top on picture below from CIA Designs. The dress is a limited time dollarbie, you better hurry there!

cia designs 1

What next?

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