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Nov 11, 2008

Mainly Bijou  

I have prepared for this post for 2 days now, there seems to be more and more goodies related!
This post is mainly about my favorite store: Bijou, for they have some great, no, fantastic free stuff for stylish ladies like us!


First of many items, this is a freebie swimsuit, avaliable at the old store, for those who don't already know, Bijou has upgraded to have their own sim: Bijouholic. You can still get this at the old store, until they move, that is.

Bijou (old store): Veda, $0L

Bijou Domani

Here, is a freebie from the NEW store in the Bijouholic sim!

Bijou (new store): Domani, $0L


This one!!! is only avaliable until 13th November!!!! Mark your calenders, better still go now!!!

You will find this inside a gift bag on landing point.

Bijou (new store): Tone Minidress in Gold, $0L

The kitten heels are from [ hoorenbeek ] not free, they are the first pairs of shoes made for girls!
I have to thank Ben Vanguard for sending them my way! He was too good to me..if you all don't know who Ben is, where have you been? Ben has been on the feed since before the universe began, alongside Perry, they run a site called SL Men, and have really carved a niche and sucessful at it. Girls, you want your men to dress good? Go to!

I couldn't resist buying some clothing while I was there! This one caught my eye:

Lagoon in purple

Bijou (new store): Lagoon in Purple (not free)


Well I think it's time to mention clothes from other than Bijou:

On left: shop*op-* Parker, $0L. This is from the lucky board!
On right: Bijou (new store): Nightmare in Red (not free)

I am wearing the Bitch Bootie from Stiletto Moody here. (NOT FREE)

church of luxe

Sexy lingerie from Church Of Luxe! History #1, in the subscribe-o-matic thingy.

SExy prints

Seldom Blue - Zebra Lingerie/Swimsuit (limited offer!), $0L

What next?

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